Mike Novogratz

Famed investor Michael Novogratz tweeted on Monday that bitcoin will soon take out the $US10,000 resistance level, telling.

11 May 2019.

The world's largest cryptocurrency, bitcoin (BTC), is not going to change the world as it is just a store of value, Galaxy Digital CEO Michael.

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8 Nov 2018.

Mike Novogratz is in unfamiliar territory. We meet in the Marylebone Hotel, but the cryptocurrency billionaire is accustomed to staying in the.

23 Oct 2018.

Mike Novogratz was influential in founding and managing the Drawbridge Global Macro fund, and was at its helm when it suspended.

Michael Novogratz isn’t necessarily someone you want to hear from right now on racial justice in America, as Michael Novogratz is quick to tell you.

Get on the train.” That was the response from investment expert Michael Novogratz when asked about his thoughts on Bitcoin.

15 Jun 2018.

Michael Novogratz, former president of Fortress Investment Group, speaks during The Economist's Finance Disrupted conference in New York,

Famed investor Michael Novogratz tweeted on Monday that bitcoin will soon take out the $10,000 resistance level, telling his.

Michael Novogratz on state of the markets7 Nov 2018.

What makes Mike Novogratz, ex-Goldman Sachs partner and CEO of Galaxy Digital, so unusual is that as well as the regular hard work and.

16 Apr 2018.

Michael Novogratz calls himself 8220the Forrest Gump of bitcoin8221 citing his luck at being in the.