Living On Bitcoin For A Week


3 Mar 2017.

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3 May 2013.

Day 3. The value of Bitcoin has been dropping steadily since I started living on it. I wake up on Thursday morning and eat the leftover cinnamon.

I’m the journalist living on Bitcoin for a week. I’d like to take some Bitcoin enthusiasts out to dinner on Monday night at Sake Zone. If you live in San Francisco and are interested, can you reply in comments, send me a DM, or email me? khill @ forbes dot com. Or just meet me there at seven.

15/01/2019  · When I thanked Hill for agreeing to meet with me, she replied she was naturally sympathetic to anyone who made the decision to live solely on bitcoin for a week. So sympathetic, she offered to pay my meal forward (the bakery doesn’t accept bitcoin). I insisted on repaying her for the cheese danish and latte, but she said that she’d need to see if she remembered her Coinbase login to give me.

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12/12/2017  · 2 thoughts on “ Living on Bitcoin for a Week ” Martist says: December 12, 2017 at 6:48 pm It’s been up 9 months on jootube with 6k up votes and 437 down votes. Only 4(four) comments. Everything about the comment section is totally screwy. It seems to be promoted by all the people who would profit from a “global currency”. Reply. Martist says: December 13, 2017 at 11:18 am That’s.

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4 Feb 2019.

Our reporter Colin Harper experimented with living on bitcoin for a whole week in San Francisco last month. Here is a summary of his.