Concerns Mount Amid Issues At Digital Currency Exchange Cryptsy


12 Jan 2016.

In this piece, CoinDesk looks at some of the recent problems surrounding the digital currency exchange Cryptsy, including issues with.

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31/03/2020  · The Binance digital currency exchange is facing fresh legal problems. Steven Reynolds, who describes himself as a former service provider to the company, has filed a lawsuit in California, alleging the exchange illegally seized his funds. He wants to get his money back, reportedly worth almost $300,000, and hopes a court will see things his way.

Cryptsy CEO Stole Millions From Exchange, Court Receiver Alleges 11 Aug 2016 3 min read 57 4 Cryptsy CEO Paul Vernon may have stolen as much as $3.3m from the now-defunct digital currency exchange and destroyed evidence of his illicit.

is the allegation that, in April, either Vernon or someone acting on his behalf, moved to delete critical information from servers tied.

5 Jan 2016.

Digital currency exchange Cryptsy has said that it has taken its trade engine.

that has been dogged by rumors of insolvency amid persistent issues.

The problems have elicited comparisons to Mt Gox, the now-defunct.

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13/12/2017  · Two Bitcoin exchanges CRASH amid fears of cyber attacks stealing soaring cryptocurrency TWO major digital currency exchanges have crashed amid warnings of cyber attacks.

13 Jan 2020.


funds withdrawal issues – responded with a class action lawsuit against Cryptsy.

Cryptsy victims then alleged that the supposedly hacked coins were in fact stolen.

of abetting the theft of around around $8.2 million worth of cryptocurrency. The exchange tried to suspend the case and settle the dispute.

28/06/2016  · "Cryptsy has had problems for some time now, and it’s time to let everybody know exactly why," he wrote. "These problems were NOT because of any recent phishing attacks, or.